The Zoning Hearing Board

 The Cambria Township Zoning Hearing Board was formed in 1973. The Zoning Hearing Board is an appeals board. If an applicant submits a building request permit and gets denied, the applicant will complete an application for a zoning appeal, variance request, or special exception. Definitions of each can be found in the Zoning Ordiniance.

Cambria Township Zoming Hearing consists of three members appointed by the Township Supervisors. Each member serves a three year term.

Currently, the Zoning Hearing Board members and their respective positions are:

Ms. Norberta Marshall, Chairperson

Mr. Samuel Piccioni, Vice Chairperson

Mr. Barry Lauer, Board Member

Meetings  are on the first Tuesday of each month at the Municipal Building at 7:00 P.M. .In the Township Buildings conference room located at 184 Municipal Road Ebensburg.

 When application is made to the Zoning Hearing Board, special hearings are established on various dates and times, based on the submittal date of the application, in accordance with the ordinance. 

Submittal of a variance requests to the permit, and denial, and special exceptions shall be submitted in accordance with the Cambria Township Zoning Ordiance. The fee schedule listed below is broked out by Zoning district. The check must accoumpany the application and be made out to the Cambria Township Supervisors, Application fees are non-refundable. Costs in excess of the application fee are responsibility of the applicant.

                            ​Zoning Hearing Board of Adjustment -Appeal or Application