Water Authority


Account Questions: 814-748-7346

Service Problems: 814-748-7275

Board Members:
Raymond Walwro, Chairman

Frank Legdon, Vice-Chairman

William Smith, Secretary

Patty Urgolitis, Treasurer

Clifford Davis, Asst.Sec/Treasurer

Kenneth L. Taylor, Jr. - Plant Manager: 

The Cambria Township Water Authority was formed in 1977 under the Municipal Authorities Act of 1945. The prupose of the authority is to provide quality drinking water for ther local area residents. Initially, the authority serviced only Colver and Twenty Row but the service area was later expanded to include the Colver Co-generation plant and Tripoli.

When the authority was formed it included the Vetera Dam reservoir, the distribution system and a well, which were originally constructed in 1913. Vetera Dam provides the majority of water whereas the well provides additional water at various times of the year. A pump house was built in 1940.

The goal of the authority is to attempt to complete one project each year using their own funds, or if they are available, grants. They approach their projects in this manner so that they do not have to take out loans that would ultimately force them to increase water rates.

The Authority meets  the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M. in the
Cambria Township Municipal Building.
The public is invited to attend.