Pavilion Rentals: Weekends & Holidays

Large Pavilions  $70.00                   Small Pavilions  $50.00
                            - 20.00                                               - 15.00
 ​                          $50.00                                                $35.00

Large Pavilions  $50.00                    Small Pavilions  $35.00
                            - 20.00           ​                                     - ​15.00
                            $30.00                                                $20.00
Pavilion reservations must be paid for in advance
Park and pavilion are open from 9:00am to 10:00pm
No fireworks
No open fires permitted-grills are located by pavilions
No glass drinking containers
No motorized vehicles beyond parking area
No pets permitted in park
No bands permitted(radio & DJ's are accepted at low volumes)
No moving of picnic tables
No portable toilets unless approved by supervisors
No staples are permitted in picnic tables
The Park Has:         

Baseball Fields                        Restrooms
Volleyball Courts                     Concession Stand
Basketball Courts                   Play Areas
Walking Trails                         Horseshoe Pits

                             ​Picnic  Pavilions


        Revloc Park

        Address:   103 Hap Road
                          Revloc, PA 15948