Planning Commission

 The Cambria Township Planning Commission was formed in 1966. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to review subdivision and land develpment plans. The Commission also utilizes an administrative checklist based on ordinance requirements and provides recommendations to the Township Supervisors. In addition, the Planning Commission assists with ordianance preparation and development. For instance, over the last few years, the Planning Commission has conducted significant research on and recommended adoption of the following ordinances-Windmill Ordinance, Outdoor Furnace Ordinances, and until recently, the proposed Planned Residential Ordinance.

The Cambria Township Planning Commission consists of five memebers appointed by the Township Supervisors. Each member serves a four year term. Currently, the Planning Commission members and their respective positions are: Mr. Dennis Simmers, Chairperson, Mr. Blaise Novotny, Vice Chairperson, Member Mr. Allen Byrne, Member, and Ms. Barbara Romani, Member. They meet on the second Tuesday of each month at the Municipal Building at 5:30 p.m.

Contact the Cambria Township Municipal Building for a copy of the most updated Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, the updated schedule of fees and all applications

In​itial Submission Checklist for Subdivisions with Application
Administrative Checklist for Use in Review of Land Development Applications
Appendix 22-D
Application for review and Approval of Land Developments Located within Cambria Township